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Important Information on the Educational Benefit



Last updated Nov 27, 2014

Important Information on the Educational Benefit

If you applied for and received an Educational Benefit allowance for any of your registered family members, remember that you have 90 days to legalize this payment, following which the amount will be deducted payroll if it is not legalized. Check information to legalize allowances on the Internet.

If you did not apply for the allowance, but you have family members who are entitled to the benefit, you will also find information to access the allowance on the Internet.

For the payment of the educational benefit, it is essential that you submit all the documentation required.

The educational benefit is paid along with monthly payroll, for which you will be required to submit the documentation before the 25 of the previous month.

General Aspects


  • Ecopetrol S.A. will cover preschool, primary and secondary education, business and technical training, distance education, university education and similar in accordance with the Collective Labor Agreement, the Educational Plan Regulations for conventional pensioners and Scholarships for executive payroll pensioners.
  • Ecopetrol S.A. will pay 90% of the maximum cost of enrollment, tuition, laboratory and graduation fees, as well as other benefits that the Company is paying for the same studies within the country.
  • Ecopetrol does not cover preschool, primary or secondary studies abroad.
  • The company will only pay for three years at the pre-school level (pensioners covered by the Collective Labor Agreement)
  • The company will only pay for three years of studies prior to 1st grade of primary education (pensioners covered by Agreement 01)
  • For pensioners on the executive payroll, the beneficiary must be at least three years of age on the following dates:
    • For School Year A - June 30
    • For School Year B - December 30
    • For School Year C - November 30 of the respective academic year.
  • Remember that in order to apply for the allowance, you have to have legalized all previous allowances.
  • It is important to point out that allowances do not cover the beneficiaries of insurance and embargoes.
  • In accordance with the school years set by the Ministry of National Education, the documents for enrollment and coverage of the educational plan must be submitted within the respective academic year for which the beneficiary has been enrolled
  • The beneficiary of the plan must be duly registered with the medical services of ECOPETROL and have a valid health insurance card.


Allowance for pre-school, primary, secondary and higher education: in accordance with the established school year and the newsletter issued by the Service Center.

Scholarships for workers to retire (Conventional)

Workers interested in these scholarships must submit the corresponding application to the Education Committee before retirement.

The Education Committee may approve the application for the scholarship or not.

These scholarships are for workers who are enrolled in university, intermediate or similar studies when they retire.

Workers who have previously completed a program at the expense of the Company will not be entitled to these scholarships.

The financial aid of the Educational Plan for higher education is provided.

Graduate scholarships for workers´ children.

Workers interested in these scholarships must submit the corresponding application to the Education Committee.

The studies should be in areas related to the main business of Ecopetrol and of interest thereto.

Students nominated for the scholarship must have completed their studies no later than one (1) year before enjoying the scholarship.


Flying Courses:

General Requirements

  • Ecopetrol S.A. covers 90% of the cost of commercial aviation courses in the country in schools approved by the Civil Aviation Authority. Specializations in this area are not funded.
  • This does not include insurance, registration, medical service, cruise expenses, uniforms, personal equipment, aptitude tests, uniforms or testing.
  • The financial aid for transportation, books and accommodations will be paid for up to ten months per year and paid in proportion to additional months; as indicated in the Collective Labor Agreement.
  • Studies abroad will be paid in accordance with the stipulations in the Collective Agreement for university studies abroad and the stipulations in this regulation for courses in commercial aviation.
  • When submitting an application for flying courses of a student who has completed up to two semesters or one year of university studies in another program, the student will be required to return all the amounts paid by the company for said studies.
  • Once the flying courses have begun, the student has up to two (2) months following commencement of the payments to change his/her mind; subject to the return of the amounts paid by Ecopetrol for said courses.
  • After this period, except in cases of medical disability confirmed by a specialist and corroborated by Ecopetrol Medical Services, the student may not receive financial aid for any of the studies covered by the educational plan.
  • Payments will be made in four (4) installments, based on the advance payment system. Each installment covers one fourth of the total value of the course.
  • For the payment of additional installments (advance payments), submit the legalization of the previous reimbursement.
  • The annual amount for texts, transportation and accommodations, if applicable, will be paid along with the second installment, upon submittal of the receipt of the first advance payment

Studies Abroad

 General Requirements:

  • Copy of the receipt of payment bearing the stamp or certification indicating that the payment was made, along with the university seal.
  • The higher education form is to be duly completed and signed by both the university and the student (see requirements in the attached document). If the University does not complete the higher education form, you will be required to submit, in addition to the form endorsed by the pensioner, a certificate containing all the information required in said form (semester to be enrolled, program, academic period, cost of tuition). In any case, the student will be required to complete the higher education form
  • Transcript for the previous semester.
  • Transcripts are to be submitted bearing the signature and stamp of the Colombian consulate in the country where the studies were taken (in the city nearest the institution).
  • Transcripts not issued originally in Spanish must be translated by an official translator registered with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.