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Ecopetrol S.A. guarantees the transportation and availability of the different hydrocarbons

What We Do


Last updated Nov 27, 2014

Ecopetrol S.A. guarantees the transportation and availability of the different hydrocarbons for refining, exports or consumption for country and investors by means of its 8.500-kilometer network of pipelines that go from the production centers to the refineries and ports in the Atlantic and Pacific oceans.

It has 53 stations pumping crude oil and products throughout the Colombian geography, in addition to its storage centers.

The Company ensures surplus capacity in the main oil transportation systems, which is an economic advantage in the event of a commercial hydrocarbon discovery.

Lines, Stations and Terminals

The transportation system has 8.500 kilometers, which converge at the Coveñas and Santa Marta terminals in the Atlantic, and Buenaventura and Tumaco in the Pacific.

The main oil pipelines are currently working at 60% o their operational capacity.

For new discoveries, Ecopetrol has broad experience in providing multimodal transportation services by means of oil pipelines, multiple-use pipelines, tankers; offering its clients comprehensive solutions.

In order to deal with the network operation, the Vice Presidency has been arranged in five Regional Management Divisions, with the following geographic distribution:

Caño Limón - Coveñas

  • Headquarters: Cúcuta
  • Business: Crude Oil Transportation
  • Areas: Arauca, Norte, Coveñas.


  • Headquarters: Bogotá
  • Business: Fuel Transportation
  • Areas: Llanos and Sabana. 

  • Headquarters: Santa Marta
  • Business: Fuel Transportation
  • Areas: Pozos Colorados, Sucre.


  • Headquarters: Barrancabermeja
  • Business: Crude Oil and Fuel Transportation
  • Areas: Galán, Vasconia.


  • Headquarters: Yumbo, Cali (Valle)
  • Business: Fuel Transportation
  • Areas: Antioquia, Valle, Caldas. 

    It is important to point out the following existing oil pipeline systems: 
  • Caño Limón-Coveñas Oil Pipeline: is 770 kilometers long and transports the crude oil produced in the Caño Limón field (Arauca).
  • Upper Magdalena Oil Pipeline: transports the crude oils obtained in the Upper Magdalena Valley of which Ecopetrol has a 49% holding.
  • Colombia Pipeline: is 481 kilometers long and connects the Vasconia Station with the port of Coveñas of which Ecopetrol has a 42.5% holding.
  • Oleoducto Central S.A. (Ocensa): is 790 kilometers long and mainly transports the crude oils from the foothills (Cusiana- Cupiagua) to the Coveñas terminal.
  • Trasandino Oil Pipeline: is 306 kilometers long and transports oil from Ecuador to the port of Tumaco in the Pacific Ocean.

Transport Indicators

Indicator Unit 2005 2006 2007 2008 2009
Volumes of crude transported Thousands barrels per calendar day 443,8 471,1 516,6 542,3 576,2
Volumes of refined products Thousands barrels per calendar day 159,4 180,7 193,8 209,5 223,3
Hydrocarbon theft Barrels per calendar day 1,601 942 561 389 196