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Countries that need VISA to enter Colombia

Important: *If you require special documentation for your visa you can write us to Cesar Patiño 

Contact us:
carmen.hinds@ecopetrol.com.co; cesar.patino@ecopetrol.com.co  
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The IEA (International Energy Agency) has had a consistent focus on EOR (Enhance Oil Recovery) for the last 40 years. EOR is a proven option to improve the recovery factor while considering the global tendency of production decline. Furthermore, oil and gas countries must continue to research and innovate in the area of EOR technologies.

The Technology Collaboration Programme on EOR has been an efficient forum for knowledge sharing and inspiration. It has led to concrete collaboration across the globe and remains an important network for public organizations, national oil companies, and private enterprises.


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Centro de Convenciones Cartagena de Indias Julio César Turbay Ayala 
Getsemaní, Calle 24 Nº 8a-344


Cartagena is a city dominated by the sea breeze, beautiful nearby islands, cultural festivals and the kindness of people who will feel at home.

The Church and the Convent of San Pedro Claver, the Convent of Santo Domingo, the Palace of the Inquisition, the Plaza de los Coches, the Gold Museum, the Fortifications Museum and the Plaza de Armas. You are staying in a hotel located in the walled city, a sector that you can walk to enjoy the romantic, colonial and cultural atmosphere found in the streets, squares, parks and houses of this valuable place.

The sun, the heat and the breeze always accompany your stay, the tropical fruits, the sea food and the fresh juices will delight your palate, prepare yourself for these days in which you will live new and unique experiences.

Each corner of Cartagena is witness to those exemplary places of colonial architecture, history and feelings. We invite you to visit and know "La Heroica".



Smart Casual. During the Forum meetings it is not necessary to wear a tie and jacket and women normally wear dresses made from lightweight fabrics. For formal events, women normally wear long dresses made from lightweight fabrics, while men normally wear ´´guayaberas´´ (linen shirts in white or beige) together with pants of the same tones. Both men and women should wear light colors.



The weather forecast in Cartagena is a high of 30 °C (87 °F) and a low of 25 °C (78 °F). 



The currency of Colombia is the Colombian Peso (USD 1 = COP 3300).



Cartagena is 5 hours behind Greenwich Mean Time (GMT -5.00)



The power supply in Colombia is 110 V (60Hz frequency). The sockets are based on the A and B model (North American).


Accommodation expenses, airline tickets to and from the host venue, incidental costs for all participants are the responsibility of the individual companies and are not the responsibility of Ecopetrol or ANH

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