2005 Issue
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2005 Issue

CT&F - Science Technology & Future

2005 Issue

Last updated Nov 28, 2014
2005 Issue

Technology potential "gas to liquids GTL" in Colombia. (Availabe in spanish).

Infrared Spectrophotometry a rapid and effective tool for characterization of direct distillation Naphthas.

Lithology and fluid Seismic Determination for the ACAE Area, Puerto Colón Oil Field, Colombia.

Application of the TDS Technique for Determining the Average ReservoirPressure for Vertical Wells in Naturally Fractured Reservoirs.

Determination of the Vertical Distribution and Composition Areal Reservoirs of Volatile Oil and / or Gas Condensate. (Availabe in spanish).

Modeling and Removal of Back-Scattered Noise from Rough Topography in Land Seismic Data.

Determination of vertical and Horizontal Permeabilities for Vertical Oil and Gas Wells with Partial Completion and Partial Penetration Using Pressure and Pressure Derivative Plots without Type-Curve Matching.

Aplicación de procesos de oxidación avanzada como tratamiento de Fenol en aguas residuales industriales de refinería.

Modeling segregated Modelamiento de los procesos segregados de combustión in-situ, a través de un modelo de desplazamiento vertical aplicado a un campo colombiano.

Experimental Study and Calculations of the Near Critical behavior of a Synthetic Fluid in Nitrogen Injection.

Application of Genetic Algorithm Optimization as a Tool in the Development Well Location and Layout Channels River Reservoirs Deposition. (Availabe in spanish)

New finding on Pressure Response in Long, Narrow Reservoirs.