Management and Board of Directors
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Management and Board of Directors


Board of Directors & Legal Representatives

Última actualización 22 sept. 2017

The Board of Directors is the supreme management organism of the company and it´s integrated by nine (9) members without alternates, which are appointed by the General Shareholders Assembly according to provisions established by the company by-laws.
Board of Directors Charter

Board of Directors
  • Mauricio Cárdenas Santamaría

    Minister of Finance (Non independent)

  • Mauricio Cabrera Galvis


  • Yesid Reyes Alvarado


  • Ana Milena López Rocha

    (Non Independent)

  • Jaime Ardila


  • Carlos Cure Cure

    (Independent) Chairman

  • Joaquín Moreno Uribe


  • Horacio Ferreira Rueda

    (Independent, nominated by the hydrocarbon producing provinces)

  • Carlos Gustavo Cano Sanz

    (Independent, nominated by the minority shareholders with the greatest share participation)

Ecopetrol´s Executives

Última actualización 20 oct. 2017

They are in charge of giving strategic direction and systematically monitor the company's activities in order to recommend improvements for ensuring sustainability and the generation of value. Likewise, they participate in the elaboration of corporate policies and gives recommendations on this matter.

  • Felipe Bayón

    Chief Executive Officer

Operational Areas
  • Vacant

    Executive Vice president

  • Jurguen Loeber

    Vice president of Engineering and Projects

  • Max Torres

    Vice President of Exploration

  • Héctor Manosalva

    Vice President of Development and Production

  • Rafael Guzman

    Technic Vice President

  • Tomás Hernandez

    Vice President of Refining and Industrial Processes

  • Rafael Espinoza Rozo

    Vice President of Transportation and Logistics

  • Luisa Lafaurie

    Cenit's President

  • Pedro Manrique Gutierrez

    Comercial Vice President

Management and Board of Directors

Última actualización 28 sept. 2017

Felipe Bayón
Chief Executive Officer

Operational Areas

Chief Operations Officer


Max Torres
Vice President of Exploration

Rafael Espinosa Rozo
Vice President of Transportation and Logistics 

Adolfo Tomas Hernández Núñez
Vice President of Refining and Industrial Processes 

Pedro Manrique
Comercial Vice President

Héctor Manosalva 
Vice President of Production

Juan Carlos Ramón Rozo
Vice President of Associated Operations

Rafael Guzmán
Technic Vice President

Ricardo Coral
Vice President of the Central Region 

Jurgen Loeber
Vice President of Engineering and Projects 

Nelson Castañeda
Vice President of the Eastern Region 

Francy Ramírez
Vice President of the Southern Region

Jose Cotello
Vice President of the Orinoquia Region

Corporate Areas

María Consuelo Rodriguez
Director of Corporate Affairs

Mónica Jiménez
Secretary General

María Juliana Albán
Vice President of Compliance

María Fernanda Suárez
Chief Financial Officer

Eduardo Uribe
Vice President of HSE and Sustainability 

Alberto Consuegra 
Vice president of Procurement

Alejandro Arango
Vice Presidente of Human Resources


Fernán Ignacio Bejarano
General Counsel



Board of Directors

President of the Board - Independent
Carlos Cure Cure

Minister of Finance and Public Credit
Mauricio Cárdenas Santamaría

Non Independent
Jaime Ardila Gómez

jaime ardila

Yesid Reyes Alvarado

No Independent
Ana Milena López Rocha

Mauricio Cabrera Galvis

Joaquín Moreno Uribe

(Postulated by the Hydrocarbon Producing Departments Exploited by Ecopetrol)Horacio Ferreira Rueda

(Postulated by theTen Minority Shareholders with the Greatest Share Participation)
Carlos Gustavo Cano Sanz