Management and Board of Directors
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Management and Board of Directors


Board of Directors & Legal Representatives

Last updated Aug 8, 2019

The Board of Directors is the supreme management organism of the company and it´s integrated by nine (9) members without alternates, which are appointed by the General Shareholders Assembly according to provisions established by the company by-laws.

Internal regulations of The Ecopetrol S.A. Board of Directors


  • Felipe Bayón Pardo

    Chief Executive Officer

Corporate Areas
  • María Juliana Albán
    María Juliana Albán Durán

    Vice President of Compliance

  • Fernán Bejarano Arias
    Fernán Bejarano Arias

    Vice President of Legal Affairs

  • Mónica Jiménez
    Mónica Jiménez González

    Secretary General

  • Jaime Caballero
    Jaime Caballero Uribe

    Chief Financial Officer

  • Juan Manuel Rojas
    Juan Manuel Rojas Payán

    Corporate Vice President of Strategy and New Business

  • Ernesto Gutierrez
    Ernesto José Gutiérrez de Piñeres Luna

    Digital Vice President

  • Alejandro Arango López
    Alejandro Arango López

    Vice President of Human Resources

  • Carlos Vargas
    Orlando Díaz Montoya

    Vice president of Transformation

  • Carlos Santos Nieto
    Carlos Santos Nieto

    Vice president of Procurement

  • Isabel Cristina Ampudia Rendón (Temporarily appointed)

    Vice President of Sustainable Development and Environmental

Operation Areas
  • Pedro Manrique Gutierrez
    Pedro Manrique Gutiérrez

    Comercial Vice President

  • Vacant
    Alberto Consuegra Granger

    Executive Operative Vice president

  • Jurguen Loeber
    Jürgen Loeber

    Vice president of Engineering and Projects

  • Jorge Osorio Franco

    Vice President of Development and Production

  • Jorge Calvache Archila
    Jorge Calvache Archila

    Vice President of Exploration

  • Rafael Guzman
    Rafael Ernesto Guzmán Ayala

    Technic Vice President

  • Tomás Hernandez
    Adolfo Tomás Hernández Núñez

    Vice President of Refining and Industrial Processes

  • Rafael Espinoza Rozo
    Rubén Darío Moreno Rojas

    Vice President of Transportation and Logistics

  • Andrés Mantilla Zárate
    Andrés Mantilla Zárate

    Director of the Innovation and Technology Center - ICP