Water-associated risks
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Water-associated risks

Last updated Nov 23, 2014

In 2011, the study "ANALYSIS OF CONFLICTS AND CRITICAL AREAS WITHIN ECOPETROL S.A.´S AREAS OF OPERATION AS AN INPUT FOR THE MANAGEMENT OF WATER-ASSOCIATED RISKS" (Veloza, 2011) was carried out, which estimated water extractions, discharges and conflicts with stakeholders in areas where the operation is under pressure criticality criteria due to use, affection and its relationship to the vulnerability of the country´s water resources. 

The main socio-environmental conflicts associated with water use, identified through rights of petition or complaints and claims received by Ecopetrol, are related to:

  • Affectation of water bodies due to seismic and drilling activities.
  • Affectation of water bodies due to improper operational activities.
  • Affectation of water bodies due to oil spills.
  • Damage to Ecopetrol facilities due to access to water resources or environmental conditions. 
  • Requests for the installation of a water supply or sewerage service.
  • Affectation of water bodies due to discharges.
  • Events due to access to and affection of drinking water by operational activities.
  • Other requests from the community