Action Framework
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Action Framework

Action Framework

Last updated Oct 29, 2014

Between 2007 and 2009, Ecopetrol redefined its environmental strategy to go beyond what is required by law and become a world-class Company, recognized, among other things, for the commitment to environmental care.

The environmental issue was made visible in the Strategic Framework, emphasizing that it is a corporate responsibility that explicitly establishes the recognition of the value of life and natural resources before starting any project. Therefore:

Our operation must be in harmony and balance with our stakeholders and the environment

  • Eco-efficiency: Our objective is to progressively reduce the environmental impacts of the operation and the investment projects. Specifically, in the reduction of discharges and solid waste.
  • Climate change: We must operate in line with the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change. We will focus on reducing emissions of greenhouse gases and ensuring at least four new energy sources.

Biodiversity: We must operate while providing sustainability to the ecological systems where we operate. We shall achieve this through joint work with stakeholders for the promotion of projects on the conservation, management and use of biodiversity.

In 2011, Ecopetrol invested one billion three hundred and eleven thousand six hundred thirty-five million pesos ($ 1,311,635 million) in environmental programs, distributed as follows:

Total expenditures and investments on the environment
Description Million $
Environmental costs associated with the operation of the companies (Environmental assessments, legal procedures, audits, equipment maintenance, monitoring) 295,534
Operational Investment (management of wastewater, waste, etc.) 310,348
Investment in programs for the recovery and protection of renewable natural resources WATER - AIR - SOIL (Optimization of wastewater treatment, technology acquisition, etc.) 683,686
Environmental investment in flora and fauna (biodiversity) 22,067
TOTAL 1,311,635

This value represents a increase of 33% compared to 2011.

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