Ethnic Groups
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Ecopetrol´s guidelines for relations with the ethnic groups

Human Rights Practices

Ethnic Groups

Last updated Oct 17, 2014

Ecopetrol´s guidelines for relations with the ethnic groups are within the framework of corporate values oriented to protect the environment and the integrity of individuals and communities, in line with universal human rights and specific rights recognized for ethnic groups. 

Thus, in the pursuit of intercultural understanding, Ecopetrol promotes the realization of tripartite dialogue between government, industry and ethnic groups, which creates greater awareness amongst actors, commitment of companies is strengthened in relation to implementing best practices to preserve the ethnic, cultural and environment integrity of indigenous communities, and trust and relations are consolidated under a framework of respect and cordiality. 

Standing out as a good practice, is the implementation of a comprehensive code of conduct in the Gibraltar Gas Processing Plant, located between the towns of Toledo (Norte de Santander) and Cubará (Boyacá), where there is strong presence from the U´wa indigenous community. This code establishes a set of rules and procedures governing the behavior of staff members, contractors, auditors and armed forces associated with the gas field. 

The code is based on respect for the cultural differences of the local population, both indigenous and settler, and the environmental protection of the project´s area of influence. 

After a period of dissemination, the Code was signed by the staff that participated in the gas project before the start of activities, marking a new stage in relations with communities, particularly indigenous communities.