Legal Framework

Corporate Responsibility

Legal Framework

Last updated Apr 19, 2018

Law 1118 of 2006 

Whereby the legal nature of ecopetrol S.A. is amended and other provisions are issued. 


Ecopetrol S.A. is a Mixed Economy Company, with a commercial orientation, organized as a corporation of a national level, affiliated to the Ministry of Mines and Energy, in accordance with the dispositions set forth by Law 1118 of 2006, and governed by its Bylaws.

Corporate Governance Code  

The Corporate Governance Code is based on the principles of transparency, governance and control in business management. Is addressed to members of the Board, the President of Ecopetrol, employees, contractors and their employees, shareholders and investors.

Corporate Governance Code's Annexes

Code of Ethics

Within the guidelines of the Corporate Governance guidelines and as a part of our vision of counting on world class human talent, Ecopetrol has constructed its Business Code of Ethics based on best practice companies. The elaboration of the Code was a participatory exercise which relied on the input of more than 600 collaborators in the different areas of the company, whose comments strengthened it, and was approved as a unique institutional proposal by the board of directors.