Our CSR Model
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Ecopetrol´s CSR model is part of the definition of an explicit relation commitment with each

Relationships of trust with our stakeholders

Our CSR Model

Última actualización 6 nov. 2014
Shareholders and investors Ensure the sustainability of the business through ethical, transparent and responsible management.
  • Maximize shareholder value in a sustained manner.
  • Ensure corporate governance and promote ethical and transparent behaviors.
  • Strengthen relations with shareholders and investors.
Employees, retirees and their families Build a great place to work within a framework based on relationships of trust, transparency and productivity.
  • Ensure fair compensation within a framework of corporate competitiveness.
  • Have leadership that leverages the development of employees and the company´s work environment.
  • Ensure international HSE standards for employees
  • Act within a framework of respect and promotion of labor and union rights.
  • Contribute to the quality of life of employees, retirees and their families.
Contractors and their employees Transparency and clear rules within a mutually beneficial relationship.
  • Ensure transparency in the supply chain.
  • Ensure international standards of HSE in the contracted operation.
  • Ensure compliance with the parties´ contractual terms.
  • Promote responsible practices from our contractors.
Partners Ensure sustainable business within a framework for action that is transparent, reliable and of shared leadership.
  • Provide and maintain fair commercial relations and with clear rules for mutual benefit
  • Ensure international HSE standards in joint ventures
  • Jointly contribute to the viability of the business ensuring the development of conditions
Customers Ensure customer satisfaction through service excellence
  • Maximize the value of products and services for customers
State Help build a Social State based on the rule of Law by fulfilling our obligations and supporting institutional strengthening
  • Ensure and promote the fulfillment of obligations with State institutions
  • Support the strengthening of local authorities in order for them to properly manage their obligations
Society and Community Participate in the sustainable development of the country, within a framework of shared responsibility and respect for human rights
  • Strengthen relationships of shared responsibility based on dialogue and participation
  • Carry out all activities with social and environmental responsibility
  • Promote collective processes of regional development
  • Act within a framework of respect and promotion of Human Rights.