Payable accounts
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Payable accounts

Last updated Nov 22, 2014
Procedure to Assign Economic Rights

- Contact: Call Center 2345000 / 018000918418

On this site, you will find the requirements to assign the economic rights of one or more of your contracts.


If you need to assign or endorse a the payment rights of one or more contracts to a third party, you will be required to meet the following requirements:

  • Submit a written request for endorsement from the inspector or authorizer of the payment of Ecopetrol S.A., indicating the name, company, address and identification of the endorsee.
  • In the body of the invoice, indicate the assignment of the credit (name and identification of the individual or company to whom the invoice has been assigned), signed by the endorser. In addition, indicate the name, number and type of bank account where the payment is to be made.
  • The invoice or bill is to be submitted at any of the Accounts Payable offices (Bogota, Barrancabermeja, Cartagena, Cucuta or Neiva) with a copy of the communications delivered by the authorizer of the payment or the contract inspector, addressed to the endorser and the endorsee indicating acceptance of the assignment thereof.
  • If the assignment applies to more than one endorsee, the supplier/endorser will be required to submit separate bills for each of them.
  • If the endorsement is partial, indicate the percentage thereof.
  • If the assignment is made to a Trust, you will be required to meet all the above requirements and enclose a copy of the contract for the creation of the trust.