Become a contractor of Ecopetrol

Apr 30, 2020

Any Colombian or foreign corporation may be a supplier of Ecopetrol S.A. and participate in the procurement processes undertaken by Ecopetrol, provided they fulfill the requirements set out in the bid documents or terms of reference for each process.

Furthermore, Ecopetrol has implemented a single vendor platform that allows for consulting all the necessary information concerning the various supply processes regulated under its Procurement Manual, called SIPROE Vendor Information System.  By means of this tool, Ecopetrol S.A. may identify potential providers of goods and/or services, review their technical capacity, and assess it pursuant to Company needs.  SIPROE is a public, dynamic, updated mechanism allowing for any national or foreign vendor who may be interested in contracting with Ecopetrol S.A., to register, report their experience, products and services offered, quality conditions, logistics, operations, HSE, economic capacity and other aspects relative to their company.

It is important to keep in mind that the registration in SIPROE does not generate any contracting obligation for Ecopetrol S.A.; therefore, those who decide to register, state that they know and accept that their information is supplied for statistical and market purposes, as it is an information tool that enables the identification of potential vendors.

We invite you to register in SIPROE. Should you have any query, you may write to . Consult information regarding registration

Bear in mind the following aspects to contract with Ecopetrol S.A.:

(i) Legal Aspects of the Procurement Process:


  • Legal nature of EcoTimely payment Ecopetrol S.A.: Mixed Economy Corporation
  • Applicable Law: Corporate Contracting Manual and private commercial law rules. Principles of Administrative Function and Tax Management (Arts. 67 and 209 of the Political Constitution).
  • Types of Selection Process (Regulated in the Contracting Manual)


o Open Bid

o Closed Bid

o Direct Selection

  • Market Analysis Tools:

o Market Intelligence

o Prequalification 



(ii) General and common stages to all Contractor Selection Processes:

(iii) Supplier Evaluation: All of our contractors are subject to a performance evaluation in carrying out their contractual and labor obligations, and their business commitments with third parties (incurred on the occasion of the contract). Failure to fulfill contractual obligations with their or third parties may result in inclusion on the list of "Suppliers with Major Inconveniences". Those on this list will not be invited to take part in closed tender selection processes, nor will they receive direct invitations. If they do participate in open tenders, 500 points will be subtracted from their bids. This will apply for a maximum period of two years following inclusion on said list.


  • Timely payment to employees as provided for in the Colombian law and pursuant to industry wage tables.
  • Affiliation of employees and contributions to social protection system (general social security and parafiscal system).


  • Frequency Rates of Work Related Accidents.
  • Environmental incidents



  • Social Environment Incidents
  • Hiring local labor
  • Fulfillment of obligations with third parties (contractor suppliers)

Check the website: often to keep up to date as regards the ongoing procurement and contracting processes, where you will find all the relevant documents on Contract regulations.

Let us know what you think. If you have a complaint, you can write to , or if you have something to report, write to codigodeetica.

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