Environmental Dimension
Jun 16, 2020

Strategic environmental guidelines

At Ecopetrol and its Group, environmental management seeks to prevent, control, mitigate and compensate the potential environmental impacts of operations and projects, in accordance with the hierarchy of mitigation, in order to contribute to the improvement of the environmental quality of the territories where it operates and the improvement of sustainable development. Through environmental management, it is sought that the works, projects and activities of the Company have the required permits and authorizations and follow up on their strict compliance. Ecopetrol's strategic environmental guidelines prioritize the following.

Comprehensive Water Management

Its objective is to incorporate into the organization's value chain the efficient management of water as an enabler of projects and operations, seeking the sustainability of the company, the reduction of environmental impacts and conflicts associated with water, and water security in the environment. By managing water in an integral way, it is possible to improve the efficiency in the use of the resource, reduce operating costs, contribute to the reduction of conflicts associated with water and improve credibility and relationships with stakeholders and other sectors of civil society. It includes the following themes:

  • Operational efficiency in water management
  • Sustainability and water security in the environment
  • Water planning and water governance


Climate change

Ecopetrol has a climate change strategy whose main objective is to maintain a low-carbon operation and reduce the operation's vulnerability to variability and climate change. This strategy is aligned with the policies and plans that the national government has built to direct and manage the issue of climate change. The themes for its implementation are:

  • Mitigation
  • Vulnerability and adaptation
  • Technology and research
  • Participation in climate change policy documents



Energy management is aimed at optimizing sources, uses, energy costs and emissions, in a reliable and sustainable way. For this, Ecopetrol has five strategic lines:

  • Energy efficiency program
  • Optimization of the energy matrix for economic and environmental merit
  • Improvement in the competitiveness of self-generation
  • Optimization of electrical planning and exploitation of synergies with companies of the Ecopetrol Group
  • Participation in the wholesale market through direct energy commercialization through the Ecopetrol Energía SAS ESP subsidiary of the Ecopetrol Group


Its objective is to achieve adequate management of biodiversity and its ecosystem services for the well-being of communities thanks to the diversification of local economies and the strengthening of their capacities for technical response in activities, generating direct results in the conservation and recovery of ecosystems and their resilience. The themes for its implementation are:

  • Incorporation of biodiversity criteria in project and operations planning, updating of the biodiversity baseline and resilience analysis
  • Landscape-scale intervention in priority areas
  • Compensation and conservation of ecosystems
  • Solutions based on nature and sustainable use of biodiversity

Circular Economy

The circular economy model of Ecopetrol and its Group was structured in alignment with the National Circular Economy Strategy. The main objective of the circular economy model is to incorporate this concept in management processes to promote economic growth, improve competitiveness, and mitigate risks related to the environment and volatility of raw material prices, in the medium term. , through five themes:

  • Efficient use of resources and new businesses
  • Improvement and development of products and services
  • Norms and public policies • Management of the territory towards circularity
  • Generation of a culture of circular economy in the Ecopetrol Group
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