Voluntary Memberships

Jun 16, 2020

Associations, guilds and voluntary initiatives

The different associations, guilds and voluntary initiatives that Ecopetrol supports are related both to the core of its business, and to activities that support its sustainability. Below is a list of the organizations that Ecopetrol was part of during 2020:


Trade Association Contirbution in Colombian Pesos
ANDI - Membership $ 184.858.700
ANDI - Comité Ambiental Mineroenergéitco $ 28.496.002
APLA (Asociación Petroqupimica y Química Lationamericana) $11.079.000
Asociación Colombiana de Gas Natural - Naturgas $ 169.421.000
Cámara de Comercio LGBTI $ 12.000.000
Cámara de Industria Digítal y Servicios - ANDI $ 16.576.940
Coalición Agua para Colombia $ 179.326.063
Consejo Colombiano de Seguridad $ 48.316.000
Consejo Nacional de Operaciones de Gas Natural $ 42.766.145
ANDI Bolivar  $ 0
Cámara de Comercio $ 0



Ecopetrol, as a mixed economy company, belongs to the decentralized sector for services by constitutional mandate. Therefore, Ecopetrol is expressly prohibited from making donations or contributions to political parties, movements or candidates (Articles 110 and 355 of the Political Constitution of Colombia). Consequently, Ecopetrol does not make donations to political parties.

Global Compact

Ecopetrol is a company committed to the Ten Principles of the Global Compact and we have been members of this global initiative since 2010. Every year, Ecopetrol reports its progress on goals and management related to the Ten Principles of the Global Compact through the Integrated Sustainable Management Report. The company is also part of the CEO Water Mandate that is part of this initiative.

Guías Colombia

Guías Colombia - Colombia Guides on Human Rights (Human Rights) and International Humanitarian Law (IHL) is a voluntary multi - stakeholder initiative incorporated in 2006 that brings together companies, State agencies, civil society organizations and international organizations. Its mission is to contribute to improving the situation of Human Rights and IHL in the country, based on the generation of practical guidelines on due diligence for companies that promote operations that respect human rights.

As a sign of Ecopetrol’s commitment to the implementation of the Guides under the initiative, the company has applied the tool to identify gaps in Human Rights, referring to the application of the Guide for the purchase and acquisition of land rights and rights of use.

In 2020, Ecopetrol will apply (sic) the tool for closing gaps in relation to the application of the Guide for Complaints and Claims Mechanisms attentive to Human Rights and IHL.

National Association of Industrialists of Colombia- ANDI

The National Association of Industrialists of Colombia - ANDI (from its original Spanish language initials: Asociación Nacional de Empresarios de Colombia), is the most important guild in the country, with more than 1,200 members representing between 50 and 55% of the national GDP. ANDI seeks to represent and defend the interests of Colombian industrialists, coordinating the private sector, the public sector, academia, civil society and the international environment.

The following amounts have been paid for membership, participation in events, advertising, support for initiatives and fees to industry chambers in the period 2017-2020:


ANDI payments (COP)


$ 133,813,195


$ 224,770,510


$ 365.637.530


$ 229.931.642


Colombian Natural Gas Association - NATURGAS

The Colombian Natural Gas Association (NATURGAS) is a private, non-profit organization made up of the 25 main producers, transporters, distributors and sellers of Natural Gas in Colombia. Its objective revolves around the defense of the legitimate interests of the associates, in order to achieve the expansion of the offer, the growth and dynamization of the demand, as well as the development of the natural gas market in Colombia.

Ecopetrol has made the following contributions – including membership fees, participation in events and sponsorship, in the following years:


Naturgas Payments (COP)


$ 104,792,000


$ 190,526,100


$ 361,187,780


$ 356,199,660

2020 $ 169.421.000


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