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The company announces that the General Shareholders´ Meeting held approved an ordinary dividend of two hundred twenty-seven pesos (COP$227) per share and an extraordinary dividend of thirty-three pesos (COP$33) per share, for a total dividend of two hundred and sixty pesos (COP$260) per share. Read Complete Report.
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Decision on the composition of the Board of Directors
External Auditor´s appointment for the fiscal year 2014
Biofuels The company reports that the Office of the Superintendent of Industry and Commerce of Colombia granted two patents for alternative forms for producing biofuels developed by the Company. See the Press Release.
Ecopetrol Makes Oil Discovery at the Well Tibirita-1A Initial testing at the well has indicated a hydrocarbon column of 50 feet. Testing also indicated an average daily production of 580 barrels of crude oil of 11.3° API and 1% water cut. The well is located in the municipality of San Martin, Meta province (Colombia). Read complete report.
Ecopetrol continues to grow in the deepwater U.S. Gulf of Mexico The Company announces that its U.S. affiliate (Ecopetrol America Inc.) placed the most competitive bids for 11 blocks in the "Central Planning Area Lease Sale 231" round held in New Orleans on March 19, as disclosed by the Bureau of Ocean Energy Management. Read the Press Release.
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Stock performance (BVC)
Source: Colombian Stock Exchange
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